UPDATES. "Belief in the absence of illusions is itself an illusion."- Barbara Harrison. Oh, it feels so good to be back in the Big Apple? Well, not exactly. I arrived to New York last Sunday morning, drained and exhausted from the intense packing. I spent my first day arranging my campus dorm back in order so that I may be comfortable for the next few months. Once, I was able to feel free of housing duties. My good friends Rebecca, Sharon, and Jennifer came by my room to reunite. Let's just say, the room was filled with love, laughs, and light conversations. I could not believe how different each of them looked, as though, life back at home changed their maturity level and outlook on life. Seemingly, allowing them to be more thankful for what God has given them so far in their lives; being able to enjoy life as young adult with no worries. (Reflecting) When I returned home, I came back even lost and more confused then I did when I first entered the college world. This made have to take time out and regain my thoughts and visions for my future. The process was difficult but I ask my God to help me through confusion. By the grace of God, He did. (Reality) I had a sudden spark that made me come up with a better game plan. I thought to myself things must change because I am not getting any younger and life is only throwing more stones. So, I knew I must find a way to make a name, a legacy, and a platform for others to follow. Now, you're probably wondering what is my game plan? Honestly, I can never tell you. You will just have to watch me grow, and closely observe my journey to find the meaning of life through God's manual; in addition, to my own discoveries and prevalence. 

Over time, I have developed a deeper understanding of how important it is to continue your faith and not hold out from the hope given. To fill yourselves with compassion, kindness, and gentleness. To be thankful for what you have rather than what you do not have. While knowing that Christ will praise you richly. Provenly, I have seen how effect those few characters are in life itself. I also learned "listening" has allowed me to become humble and absolute in situation; causing me to think be I speak. (Reflecting) I noticed how my father (natural born) has changed his outlook on life as a "Father"; making him stronger and understanding. I hope with the tools that God has presented him will help him to change for the better; in addition, to becoming a better man, husband, and father. (Reality) Besides that, I myself am forever learning and becoming more inclined to why things happen, and how I can handle a situation when it crosses my path. I always find it humorous how people are afraid to question "why?" about things that are unclear.  When everything can be answered by Him if only you seek the guidance. On a positive note, at this point in my life, I am evolving into a man of God, a believer in Christ, and a son of Jesus; I will be sure that world sees and understands; forever evolving.  

Message of the Week:

"...giving thanks to the Father, who has 
qualified you...For he has rescued us 
from the dominion of darkness and brought us into
the kingdom of the Son he loves..."
-Colossians 1:29

God Bless, 

Steven Brown 


  1. Your such an inspiration!


    1. Thank you, love. I appreciate it.

  2. great message of the week. i'm so happy to have the chance to follow your gorgeous blog.
    god bless you! you're so inspired!
    xoxoxo jana

    1. jana, you're so precious i am glad i can love; ( i am tearing right now)



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