Monday June 18, 2012

Clothes and manners do not make the man – but they greatly improve his appearance

When a loved-one or friend rejects a potential playmate you’ve suggested for them, you’re often told it’s all about ‘type’. This sentiment is always delivered with such conviction. But, when on the lookout for a lover, can you really be that picky about your type?

It’s fair to assume that rash judgements about type are based on looks alone, as personality traits don’t stand a chance to shine through if we dismiss potential mates after a quick, cursory once-over.

But the image we present to the world can actually do a lot to suggest our personality. It can also be a tool for touting the type of person we’d like the world to think we are. Dress-sense can artfully convey a false impression. It’s very often the case that once you get to know someone, you uncover a real persona that’s different to the one you thought you’d glimpsed.

Even though we probably know this at heart, there’s no denying that a type will either float your particular boat or not – whether it’s wide-boys who take your fancy (resplendent in Ben Sherman shirts, wheeling and dealing their way into your heart) or more soulful student-types (high on ideals and introspection).

Perhaps it’s possible to look beyond appearance to make a truer measure of type? Certain occupations, for example, will necessarily attract people with specific characteristics. If your idea of the perfect partner is a driven, single-minded person, then a professional sports personality could fit your bill. If these are the attributes that attract you, then you’re on to a winner in more ways than one. 

But perhaps it’s worth making a frank assessment of your own type too. If the driven nature of a sports star doesn’t marry too well with your laid-back, fun-loving nature, then maybe it’s time to tweak your tick-list a touch. It’s not a case of settling for something less – it just means recognizing the attributes that complement yours, and looking for them in all the right places.

Always remember that appearances can be deceptive. Just because someone doesn’t instantly light up your life with their looks alone, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have hidden depths.


  1. It's very true, looks are important but they don't make the man.

    / Avy

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  13. LOVE your blog! Totally agree with your last paragraph in this post.

    Claire xo

  14. I love this! We need more menswear in the blog world!

    Elle Michele


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